Welcome to new possibilities, insights and ways of seeing yourself & the world around you.

I am Hanna and my vision is a life, in which we are all able to live our dreams.



I want to create a very individual process, choosing practices and tools only for you – clearing your path from obstacles that keep you away from realizing your dreams. In my work I use many different techniques and modalities. Those can be divided roughly into three categories:



Private classes in yoga, meditation or mantra chanting. Allowing the mind to rest, fostering concentration and well-being.

Coaching Intensive

Including Coaching, Theta Healing, Intuitive Constellations, Yoga and Meditation in order to realize your full potential.

Private Retreats

Private Retreats at home or in any country you wish, with your topic of choice.

What My Customers Say

  • I approached Hanna with the desire for clarity for the next step in my life. […]

    The family lineup got an emotional depth that I did not expect via video chat. We have been able to resolve some of the blockages in relationships with my parents, grandparents and aspects of my personality, opening the way for the desired clarity.

    Sara Heinen
  • I am a curious person. So when we both were on Bali, I tried her family constellation session and theta healing. I loved her gentle approach and enthusiasm. Particularly, the theta healing I got fond of – definitely working for me.

    Achim Klindworth
  • ´My session with Hanna was amazing. She guided me on a journey to release stuff that does not serve me anymore. The part that I will always remember is when I found myself visualizing to burn all agreements and contracts that I made in the past.
    This part I use every time I feel there’s something that I want to release and does not belong to me. It was really helpful. And Hanna is a beautiful soul, I felt save and relaxed the whole session. And I feel great after, a lot lighter.´

    Ina Pendit
  • ´Hanna was very attuned and attentive. A pleasure to open up to. A real sense of loving what she does. Hanna held space for me beautifully.´

    Hannah E. Dolan
  • ´Hanna may be a young teacher but she is so full of energy, joy and knowledge about yoga which makes her courses truly inspiring. She knows how to challenge her students while letting them explore yoga on their own – that’s what I call a support. Everyone is picked up on his/her level.´

    Lisa Schneidersmann