Retreat at Home

No time or don´t feel like travelling abroad or tired of experiencing the most wonderful retreats and afterwards continuing in the same old way again? Then this offer is made for you:

How nice would it be to live in paradise – to not have to go anywhere in order to relax, lean back and simply be?

A place of peace, secureness and clarity for you to sort out your thoughts and be able to differentiate between important and not so important things in your life.

To act efficiently despite of too much stress and hectic and to be free of old clutter within (as well as around you) is by no means a given. Lets clean up together – make space and create a new order, letting go of the old or recycling bits and pieces of it, introducing new practices and healthier habbits in your life, which will support you on the long run.

We can start the day with yoga, meditation or a mindful walk outside in nature. Organizing the activites of the day according to your needs and preferences. Please choose your focus and length of your Private Retreat @ Home and leave me a message. I am also available for a personal skype or phone call to clarify details.

I am a master in sorting out and letting go and feel very honored and excited to bring fresh wind to your life.

Yours Hanna

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