Clarity Private Retreats – Gain more clarity at the…

It is my heart´s desire to show you the magic of Bali, and all the reasons why it is my chosen home for now.

Therefore I created the CLARITY Retreats: Creating stillness inside in order to see with more clarity.

This beautiful island is one of the best places to do that – offers the perfect mix of wellness, yoga, nature, culture and touristy sights.

Let´s design a retreat that truly allows you to do that – take the invitation and extend it to a friend or two. Group setting ideally from 1-4 participants. From three days up to a full week with yoga, coaching, chanting, exploring – almost everything is possible. I am open to tailor a program for you that suits your ideas, wishes and budget.

The next upcoming event with a few spots still open will be in December 2018. But please request your own dates and content, to make the most out of my offer.

Just send me an email or fill in one the private retreat form – and the journey may begin…

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