Back in 2010 I started to study Psychology at the Technical University of Darmstadt:
Learning about the human beings with its mind & body in a conceptual way.
During the time of pressured studying for exams I often found myself sleepless, tensed up and physically stressed.

This led me to yoga – one of the biggest passions and anchors in my life.

The traditional ashtanga vinyasa yoga approach hooked me in 2013. The daily practice started to transform me on all levels, my physical appearance, feelings, thoughts and actions.
Already after a couple of weeks of practice I was relieved from any stress symptoms. Never to come again in this way. Besides of more calmness I also felt stronger in my body. My naturally flexible body started to build up muscles and also my mind cultivated more strength – willpower and endurance increased.
Things I did not consider possible in my practice and also in my life, started to happen. I faced lots of fears and stopped holding on to go. I started to follow the calling to more travelling, even though I didn´t know anybody else in my surrounding living a life like that.


I decided to do it and everything else fell into place.

During the winter season and semester breaks I went to Asia to assist my teacher Rachel Grey in the ashtanga mysore practice. In those times I dedicated my whole life to the practice, waking up 3:30 in the morning to start my own practice.

Despite times of absence I was able to complete my studies in psychology. Travelling, studying, practicing and teaching yoga, while at the same time working at the research department of Psychiatry Frankfurt – that was my life for quite some time. I believe, I could only handle it all, because of the inspiration I felt through my yoga practice and the opportunity to bring it into every aspect of my life.

Of course ashtanga had to be part of my master thesis too. For that reason I started together with a fellow student a scientific study at the university hospital of Frankfurt. We examined the psychological and physical effects of ashtanga yoga with people having a major depression disorder. Building up the practice over three months, practicing yoga twice a week.

For over a year we were busy planning, writing the official application document for ethics commission, recruiting patients, organizing the study procedure and evaluating. But it was worth it! It was mind-blowing for me to share this practice with depressed people. Making the practice approachable and then witness how much people profited from it in their recovering process. And indeed, results of our study with a relative small attendance figure of 16 clients suggested positive effects of ashtanga yoga:

Amongst other outcomes improved subjective level or mindfulness, positive affect and less depressive mood.

After that I decided to follow my inner calling, finding my unique way of working and living life. Going onto an adventure, enjoying the exhilarating feeling, but also risking to face the unknown and uncertainty.


Before I went on my journey I disbanded my household in Germany. Giving away most of my possessions to family, friends and also to strangers. After that I felt so much lighter.

I ended up again in Bali. And I stayed for much longer that I had thought initially.

Ubud, a small town between rice fields and rainforest, became my home. It offered me the possibility to combine most of my passions. A place, where I could get in touch with like-minded people, living in a motely community, celebrating life.

Yoga, coaching and healing work, singing, dance and being surrounded by music, nature and mindful people – freedom from any western rational mindset, stress or any rules of how to behave or feel allowed me to experiment and create something new.

That is where this concept was formed.

Working holistically, using knowledge and intuition in a balanced way, having the possibility to use my talents and allowing myself to evolve constantly.

This is the path I want to walk in order to live up to my potential and realize my dream:

  • Combining yoga and psychology in a way that is meaningful and healing to others.

  • Helping other people to do the same – finding their own special way of living, fulfilling themselves in the work they do and cultivating a sense of mindfulness and ease.

  • Offering my work all over the world. Being close to the sun and the most magnificent places.

  • Leaving my creativity unbound.

I not only offer my services in Bali but also in Germany. I love to spend some months of the year in the country where I grew up. Where I am located in Darmstadt, Frankfurt and surroundings. Soon to extend my services also to other countries.

Bringing home my tool box of methods, wisdom and insights from all over the world. And of course, sunshine in my heart and a smile upon my face.

I am looking forward to meet you!