Aim of any coaching intensive is to help you to make changes in your life with ease and grace. Removing your path from obstacles which keep you away from realizing your dreams.


Taking the first steps on the path of a new stage in your life together, before you feel ready to navigate through life by yourself as healthy, happy and successful as you can be. I am Hanna and I feel called to facilitate this journey for you, to live your life with more mindfulness and awareness.

A life that is more in alignment with your true potential, talents and dreams.

Helping you to start changing your life, I will use a combination of different tools, methods and practices.

Since every person is different, ways of approaching will differ too from person to person. Though one common principle of my work is a holistic view. Body, mind and emotions need to be addressed in a balanced way, bearing in mind their influences on each other.

The techniques that I use in my work and that can be part of your coaching intensive, range from:

Coaching Sessions - focusing on new input and more clarity for your next steps in life

One-on-one coaching sessions give you the space to express yourself fully, be heard, seen and accepted the way you are. The right questions at the right time might help you to find more clarity, new perspectives and unexpected solutions. Especially understanding our own body and its unique messages through pains or illnesses can be challenging.

I am looking forward to investigate together with you and decode some of those messages. Hopefully then, pain no longer has to tell you to change something in your life. However, I am not giving any diagnoses, nor do I offer psychological psychotherapy.

But I do offer all of my psychological knowledge and skills acquired in my studies. At times I will offer you more input and knowledge drawn from the latest state of the art and my own work in personal development. Other times we will do exercises and practical trainings on how to communicate or journaling.

Theta Healing - accessing the subconscious mind for instant changes of outdated and limiting believes

In order to be different from how you were in the past, leading a different life from the one that you might not like in many aspects, we need to question and shift some outdated believes. Believes you might not be even aware of.

This technique uses the theta brainwave in order to access the subconscious. For some people it feels like a state of deep relaxation or a heightened sense of body awareness with all sorts of sensations in the body. In any case you will be able to fully witness and approve any step in our work.

Did you know, the subconscious rules over 95 present of our decisions and actions?

Yet we cannot access it through our rational thinking. This explains, why we do things we don’t really want to do. Or staying too long in situations which aren´t healthy for us.

Similarly to a vibrating sound fork transmitting those vibrations to the next one without having to strike it, your brain will follow mine into the theta frequency. In this frequency of deep relaxation where you will still be able to talk and witness everything, we can make instant changes. Working towards a dissolution of past traumas and activation of self-healing powers of the body.

Focus will always be to work towards an easeful integration of past traumas. Clearing obstacle without creating more drama and pain. It leaves me in awe and wonder how fast and effortless deep, positive change can be achieved!

Intuitive Family Constellations - clearing past (inner) conflicts and family dynamics for you to step forward with more freedom

Explore in a safe and intimate one on one setting how you are influenced by your family and other people surrounding you.

Everything is energy, tiny little atoms forming different beings, materials and even our bodies are made up of them.

Thus they can be represented in the constellation: People (alive or dead), places, countries, institutions, jobs, money, family-related patterns, any feelings and so much more. Entering that “field of knowing”, you will feel as if those people or things are with you.

No acting or imagination is used.

Step in and truly feel, experience what will come up in order to transform and shift dynamics. This approach takes your efforts as well as mine. Unlike the group setting where you usually have a representative, here you will step in for yourself. I will facilitate while also stepping in, representing and feeling into the elements we chose to work with.

What do I need to know before I attend a constellation?

Every constellation takes around 2 hours. Make sure to have enough free time before and after, to process the work. In some cases you will feel tired, physically exhausted or flu-like symptoms which are simply signs for your body digesting the experience. Plenty of water, rest and lots of self-care activities are very much recommended.

Yoga - attaining a sense of calm and concentration through mindfulness, deep breathing and specific alignment of the body

In order to support the process of inner and outer change in your life, the body is an important tool to work with. As part of the intensive I will choose a practice that balances your mind, body and emotions.

Believe it or not: The body is a mirror of our mind and shows general behavioral patterns and tendencies of the mind. It also gives clues on peoples´ characters, values and ways of thinking through its movement and actions. The body also stores all sorts of emotions, stress, trauma etc. which oftentimes result in weakness, tightness, closure or pains in certain parts of the body

The beautiful thing about working with the body is, that we don’t have to understand ourselves, we just have to breathe, observe our thoughts and do the practice.

As behavioral patterns start to change over time and new freedom in your movement will open up. This will affect the way of thinking and feeling too. For this work I offer a range of different yoga styles: Traditional and therapeutic Ashtanga yoga, Yin yoga, Theta movement, Hatha flow or Yoga nidra.

Meditation - becoming still in the body for more peace and resilience to stress

Meditation is a constant practice of stilling the mind. Though to stop thinking completely is not possible and also not what this practice is about.

Touch the seed of stillness and peace inside of yourself.

The actual work is to detach from thoughts, reactions and impulses. Those will always arise, but you learn how to consciously stop reacting, learning how to observe, slow down and dis-identify yourself from them.

A process of de-stressing and slowing down your life. Learning to enjoy every second of it.

It also gives you the power of presence. You get to choose how to react to a situation. Suddenly, life does not happen to you but you are co-creating it.

It is never too late to start meditation!

Meditation can be a great support in the most stressful times of your life. Ideally, you start your practice before times of crisis, like learning how to stop a bicycle before riding down a hill. But any time you are ready to immerse yourself with this topic is great. Together we can choose the most suitable practice and technique for you. I will instruct you and/or send you an audio file with your individual practice.

There are hundreds of different meditation techniques: Traditional mindfulness meditation, Vipassana or more modern types of meditation such as loving kindness or the Ho´oponoopono forgiveness ritual. I believe that there is one technique that you actually enjoy. Meditation can be definitely something you will be looking forward to do. Becoming more grounded, relaxed and self-centered, every time you do it.

Chanting und Voice Activation - opening up your voice for you to speak with more clarity and self-confidence, and also be heard and seen in a new way

The devotional recitation or chanting or singing of mantras is another form of yoga, called bhakti yoga. It can bring you easily into a meditative state of mind while enjoying the sounds and vibrations created through the voice and instruments. Mantras are words or phrases, which aim at quieting and controlling the mind.

Depending on your interests we can choose mantras from different traditions like Hindu Sanskrit chants or Buddhist mantras.

Vocal Activations are individually created in order to help you open or even find your voice.  From mantra recitation to humming and/ or vocal exercises we will explore an easy and intuitive way of overcoming blockages of using your voice. However, this is not a singing class the way it would be taught by a musical professor. My intention is to share my joy and experience of hours and hours of chanting and intuitive singing with you.

Why should I attend a voice activation class?

Chanting and Voice Activation sessions aim at opening up our voices in order to communicate more freely in everyday life. Using your voice, expanding its capabilities and overcoming blockages here can help you to:

  • Speak with more confidence in your day to day life. And also communicate with more clarity in order to be heard and understood.
  • Decreasing tendencies to swallow words
  • Express what you feel also in those moments when you feel it
  • Balance your emotional state of being
  • Set powerful intentions and anchor them deeply into your subconscious mind

Similarly to affirmations, positive statements and virtues are being repeated which can affect your way of thinking and behaving in a positive way.

Furthermore, it is a conscious directing of our mind towards peace, harmony and love which increases the likelihood of more speech and actions aligned with those thoughts.

All of these elements can be experience in an one-on-one setting, in person or via skype. There is also the option, to create your Private Retreat around your coaching intensive.

Yes, I want my Coaching Intensive pre-session

What is the procedure of the package?


Within the scope of a coaching intensive you will receive 5 sessions lasting 60 minutes plus one two hour intuitive family constellation.

Sessions of the Coaching Intensive are recommended to be held within a 3-6 week timeframe to kick-start and accelerate your process. Generally, in this time an inside shift happens, which I would love to witness for you as well.

Every Coaching Intensive comes with a free 20 minute pre-consultation. A time to develop a rough guide of how to proceed, where you are at and where you want to go. Nevertheless, I will take the freedom of adjusting our action plan according to your process, in order to acknowledge and address topics coming up to the surface.

Our work together may include one or more of the tools briefly described below. Usually, I combine those intuitively when getting to know you. But please feel free to mention any wishes, expectations, worries etc.

Is this program for me and am I suitable for it?

  • Do you want to realize your full potential and are you willing to put in all your efforts to do your part of the work?

  • Can you imagine making lifestyle changes towards more mindfulness and awareness, supporting your physical, emotional & mental health?

  • Are you aiming for more peace in your life, letting go the dramas of the past and the imagined continuation of that for the future?

  • And finally, can you allow yourself to receive what you are wishing for – despite outside reactions and more change in your life that might come with it?

If you have answered four times with a clear YES, then this is the right program for you and you are absolutely suitable to go on this journey with me.

I would love for you to actively take part in this journey. In order to be most effective in our time together, I need you to be clear about your commitment beforehand. This way I can also give a hundred percent.

Let´s not waste any time.

´A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step´ (Buddha)

Take that step – now!

Luciana did take the first step together with me. Watch the video and learn about her experiences and what she has to share with you.

Bille Breidert

I enjoyed yoga classes with Hanna. She supports her students in a wonderful way: Her voice is lovely, her instructions precise and affectionate. I find her adjustments to be incomparably good. Also her singing touches the hearts which makes a yoga class a very special and beautiful experience. I also took a theta movement class – a thrilling experience.
The energies were noticeable and the process, combining yoga with theta healing was instructed very gently.
After that I had a private theta healing session with Hanna. I chose a topic and Hanna was able to intuitively sense what needed to be looked at. She asked profound questions, touching the core of my issue in a caring way. I instantly felt energetic shifts. I am convinced by the method of theta healing and in particular by Hanna´s way of working.
I am already looking forward to a next time.

Nadine S.

I felt very comfortable working with Hanna. I trusted her from the very beginning. And first results didn´t take long to become apparent. She immediately succeeded in weakening deep routed negative believes, so that I noticed the difference.

She has a real talent in addressing exactly those topics, that burden me deep inside. In doing so, she always finds the right words. Also on the physical level I experienced progress: After suffering from pain in my knees and a blockage in my pelvic area, for the first time in a long while I was able to access a cross-legged seat.
Everytime we worked together Hanna´s sessions gifted me with more lightness and happiness.

Jasmin O. Lee

When I feel pain – physically, mentally and emotionally – I express my pain to Hanna without knowing where to start. But she alway lead me to see clearly what I am facing at,
no matter how thick I covered my issues and no matter how messy my expression was. She sees the point then uses different tools to help me to go through the pain.
I remember that one time, when we talked about my family issues (and did a family constellation), she intuitively started to play my family members´ roles so that I can deeply feel where and why my sufferings come from, which helped me to let it go by understanding it. That was the most powerful experience that I’ve ever had.
Also, what I know about her is that, she never stay stagnant, she keeps herself learning various healing techniques by taking many workshops, joining to group studying and applying them to herself. I think that is why I feel her guide is not just from her head but from her own experience.
So, I highly recommend you to have Hanna on your journey to be free.

If you are considering the Coaching Intensive, get in touch and receive a free 20 minute consultation via Skype or Phone. I am excited to get to know you.

Yes, I want my Coaching Intensive pre-session