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BLOSSOM – 3 week live online course

Februar 11

Let’s BLOSSOM together.

This 3 week pre-recorded online course is not only easy to integrate into your daily life, but also a possibility to bring in a new quality – into your life, your work and your very being.

You’ll get some beautiful Bali vibes, as we recorded all videos last August at the stunning De Moksha Boutique Resort.

The design of the course:


Week 2: RELATING to the outside – people, environment, work & NURTURING the seed

Week 3: PATIENCE & FAITH – allowing the seed to blossom effortlessly

What is included…

– We’ll have weekly morning and evening practices of 15 mins

– More in depth ritual & workshops of 45mins to the beginning and end of each week (4 in total)

– Plus two special days per week with 5 min inspirations – with food for thought and invitations to try out some new things

The tools…

we’ll be working with are chanting and guided meditations practices, the art of ritual & intention setting, journalling, coaching & behavioral therapy elements, as well as some yin and yang yoga as part of two in depth workshops.

And of course lots of music to listen to and sing along.

Enroll now for the launching in a special live setting!

To launch the course, I offer a special live setting: We will gather as group and start together on the New Moon Feb 11th 2021. I will include a few live specials like a zoom sharing circle (also to ask any questions and just really support each other in this), some live music and other surprises.

I will use your feedback and the experience itself to make last adjustments to the handouts and craft the best instructions. As this course will be then available online, for anybody to start any time they want.

Your contribution..

As freelancer I know that this time can be rough financially – that is why I offer this first time on a donation basis.

I’ll only ask from you to give me in depth feedback: Answer a few questions every week, max 5 mins investment & send me a short 3 mins review video plus short written testimonial that can be used for future participants to know what to expect.

You can sign up now! And this is how…

1. Sending an email to info@hannawinkler.com to confirm your participation

2. Making your donation via PayPal to info@hannawinkler.com (TransferWise also available, upon request).

Like this you and I make a commitment to really be there 🙂

If you don’t know what to donate, you can always send “something” and make a second donation after finishing the course.

(Just to share my intention behind this: Lately it felt wrong in trying to sell my services. I do depend on some income, now more than ever, but I trust that this is a good way for now.)

Once this is done you will receive a confirmation email with timing and zoom link for our first call on the 11th. Probably morning time to the European timezones and afternoon for Bali/ South East Asia. Don’t worry, there will be a replay of this call available in case you can’t make it.


Februar 11