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Serenity – Yoga & Safari Retreat – Tanzania

Juni 9 - Juni 16

If you feel constantly alert,

stressed out,

having difficulties to relax

or unable to let go and allow life to be easy and joyful

… then this retreat is designed for YOU and will allow you to enter „the state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled“ – feeling completely serene.


SERENITY is a life-changing and deeply transformative retreat. The first step on a life-long journey in conscious and mindful living.

This unique retreat offers you a combination of adventure and stillness, combining safari in Tanzania´s most beautiful National Parks with yoga and meditation.

Tanzania´s amazing nature, wildlife & our safari days will support you on this inner journey towards a deeper sense of presence, stillness and well-being – the embodiment of serenity.

You will learn how to meditate, calm and empty your mind, center yourself and set the tone for a day that comes with more ease, all in the flow of life, feeling more supported, with better timing and divinely inspired ideas.

How this is possible?!

Hanna will share her healing modalities of theta healing, combined with yoga and meditation with you. Rounded up with her passion and joy for singing and chanting -bringing the frequency of serenity and presence into every class and workshop.

The modality of Theta Healing® brings your brainwave effortlessly into the theta state, where subconscious programs can be changed, physical and emotional healing can take place within instants and even new feelings and state of beings can be planted like seeds into the fertile soil of your mind.

What do I get to enjoy?

Spend 7 nights in two different Tanzanian lodges

  • Always including breakfast
  • Only on safari days lunch package and dinner also included

2 x Full Safari Days

  • Explore Tarangire National Park with our private tour guide, including a beautiful picnic for lunch and shared dinner back at the lodge.
  • Enjoy the diversity of Tanzania – today at the Lake Manyara National Park, also completed with picnic lunch and dinner back at the lodge

2 x Airport transfers

7 x Morning mediation & yoga classes with Hanna´s angelic chanting & healing music in your final relaxation

  • You´ll learn how to establish a brief morning meditation practice and receive a guided audio recording of that by the end of the retreat
  • Establish a safe yoga practice, learn about the needs of your body in the sun salutations and therapeutically chosen poses, to deepen your awareness of breathing and relaxation in the practice
  • Flow through activating and yet gentle yoga flow sequences, inspired by the traditional ashtanga vinyasa sequence which is characterized by its meditative and strengthening elements

4 x Afternoon workshops ~ including

  • 1x group Theta Healing® session, combined with sound healing,
  • guided meditations,
  • yoga alignment workshops to release lower back pain & strengthen the joints
  • Personalized practices for your every-day-routine at home

Comfort of the intimate setting of 2-6 participants and lots of one-on-one time with Hanna

Professional support by our local Tanzanian travel company (klimbthekilimanjaro.com)


This Retreat program goes beyond 7 days spent in Tanzania´s most beautiful areas…

Upon booking

  • You´ll receive a guided meditation for deep relaxation
  • An introduction to transformational work and Theta Healing® with an audio recording of a 8 min grounding Meditation as preparation for the retreat and available for all times
  • Receive every week an inspiring article by Hanna with inspirations and questions to ponder upon, opening the field for inner work that is to follow during SERENITY

Pre-Retreat Call with Hanna

  • clarifying your personal needs for the yoga and meditation classes,
  • learn how to set your goals and articulate your retreat (and life) intentions in the most effective and clearest way
  • receive some tips and suggestion on how to best prepare for the retreat, so you can make the most out of our time together

Shortly after the retreat you´ll receive

  • A personalized plan with practices and tools that work for you
  • A follow-up call where you can ask questions on how to smoothly implement your insights and tools into your lifestyle
  • Receive a 30 min skype energy healing session, boosting you in this critical phase of the first 40 days after the retreat

3 Months after the retreat

  • Fine-tuning in a series of 3 online life-assessment and energy healing sessions
  • Digging deeper and bringing you to the next level of living a more serene and mindful life through personal guidance and Hanna´s intuitive knowledge and expertise in transformational work.

Prices start from 3350 Euro in a double room – including safari, accommodation, breakfast, transfers & Hannas special pre and post retreat sessions.

If you wish to book the safari and yoga retreat week only – without the pre- and after- retreat sessions, audio recordings and articles, just enter the Code RETREAT-ONLY as you are on the booking page, and you´ll receive a 700 Euro discount.

How to get in touch, ask questions and make your booking?
If any questions get in touch with Hanna here: info@hannawinkler.com – she and the travel experts will accommodate any wishes and assist you in all possible ways!

Bookings can be made directly here – easily in 1 step, as Hanna will forward the payment to the Tanzanian travel company for you. On this page you´ll also find the travel itinerary.


Flights to Kilimanjaro International Airport from Europe are best booked via KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (starting from 565Euro). Visa fees from 50 Euro, depending on your nationality – can be organized in advance or also upon arrival at the airport.





Juni 9
Juni 16