Doors closing & new ones that will open

Some doors close unexpectedly.

Puff — I have a door slammed in my face. And my eyes search yearningly to the place, where I had built my dream palaces of the future.

How could this happen? From one moment to the other a new era of my life starts. Without any preannouncements. New companions, new tasks and new goals.

And for one moment it seems like I would get lost, insecure of which direction to take, somehow not ready for this next step.

But life does not ask and the stream of events continues, carries me away. The disappointment and sadness about the abrupt ending still noticable. Similarly to the feeling of having teared off a plaster.

The disappointment and delusion make way for clarity, and I see what has not been there to be seen before. And I let go, in faith and trust that those things and people, that really belong to me, will make their way back to me in wonderous ways.

(Picture below: Pulling or pushing opens many doors…)

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