Freedom from judgement starts, when we see that…

Like our eyes, every being on this planet is unique and beautiful.
Noone alike in all aspects, not even twins.
Yet connected on the deepest level.

The moment we realize how unique we are AND how unique everyone else is,
that moment we tap into the infinite stream of love – peace – connection – satisfaction.

No need to judge anything or anyone, especially not ourselves.
No need to defend, justify or proof anything to anybody.
No need to change anything in order to belong or connect.
No need to hold on to something or someone.

Only acceptance. Appreciation. Love.
The basis of true, effortless change and transformation.
Now this change, transformation, healing (whatever label you want to give it) is only the natural alignment to who we really are, beneath all the chatter and stories.

Free of expectations and the notion that something needs fixing.
Only the deep knowing:
“I am ok. You are ok. Everything is just as it is meant to be in this moment.”
Yet, the potential for change, growth, expansion, love is omnipresent.

Now there is stillness to observe, truly observe.
The biggest revelation might be, that there is always the distinction – some space – between the person, the soul, the being and its behavior, words, feelings.

The magic word is AND.
It´s essence changes everything.

“I have had a horrible day, I am stuck, stressed out, tired, sick, overweight, single, feeling ashamed of XYZ or sad about something, have failed at, dislike this or that about myself …


I love myself, love my life, know I am amazing, know I am on the right path


I love you, respect your uniqueness, am happy for you, disagree with you, let you go…”

A gateway opens.
We no longer deny where we stand right now, nor rehearse all the reasons why we are unable or unworthy of moving on.

All we perceive from this point of view is the paradox of equality arising from uniquness.
– Inspiration –
– Learning from one another –
– The permission to explore, express, feel, fail, succeed –
– The vast potential and open possibilities of life –

Going trough life adding AND instead of BUT is a choice.
A choice to celebrate our uniqueness, the perfect imperfection, the divine chaos and dis-order.

Accepting the gifts and talents, beauty and potential we were all given. Exploring, expressing, sharing them.
knowing, it is ok to be afraid, alright to not know or make mistakes, be different than others, do what noone else has done before or do exactly what everyone else is doing, if you are called for it.

Own your uniqueness.
Start today.

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