Healing old wounds…

Forgiveness as an act of surrender.

It can´t be forced or done in a way that you would fulfill a task and tick it off your daily to-do-list.

It is something that you can offer up – to yourself, to others and to the world.

Like an invitation, attracting all the help, conversations, insights, practices and catalysts to you, that will help you attaining it.

It is a process of freeing yourself, your heart and thoughts from pressure, negativity and fear.

Starting it by choosing acceptance – seeing yourself just as you are and were back then – seeing the other person or that situation just as it was, without any story around it.

It may take time of grieving, expressing old, stuck emotions through art or releasing it from your body through movement, yoga or dance.

It may take years of telling yourself the same old story again and again, until one day you are tired of seeing the outside world as a bad place, that you can´t trust and have to be vigilant not to live through the trauma again – not realizing that if you focus on the topic in this way, it will only lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You start moving closer to it, as you stop believing that you are a victim of this or that moment in your life, but trusting that you can own the experience. Take responsibility for what you learn from it and how you want to move on from it.

Making a statement of strength and inner greatness. Telling the universe, I will endure the suffering of my ego – who is the one experiencing this pain, as you let go of the story.

Feeling the power that surfaces more and more as you choose forgiveness. Feeling the love and warmth that comes with it.

Saying: I am sorry!
… to yourself that you have suffered for so long from telling yourself this story over and over again.
… for not having been able to protect yourself, for not having asked for help or storing the trauma in your body.
… for all those times that maybe you have shown yourself that behavior.
… to the other person for unconsciously having contributed to the situation.

Please forgive me!
… as I forgive myself for all missteps, weaknesses and flaws that are also part of me, for all negativity that I have stored in my heart.
… as I forgive everyone involve. I let go of everything that is heavy.
… as I forgive I choose freedom and love for everyone and everything.

I love you!
… as much as I can & I love myself, as much as I can.
… I respect you, myself, the situation and allow myself to receive the many lessons that are hidden within this scenario. Even when I don´t understand it, I trust that everything will unfold perfectly from now on.

Finishing with: I thank you!
… I thank you – my trauma, my fear, my blockage – that you have shown me a way past you, for getting to know myself better while I was confronted with you.
… I thank myself, my body and very being for enduring the drama until now and giving myself permission to live a life of harmony from now on, knowing I can learn not only from times of crisis.
… I bow down, giving gratitude for my life, for all the different experiences included, for all insights, miracles and transformation.

Once the process is completed a feeling of lightness, openness and joy surfaces.

Energy that has been blocked for so long starts to fill you up.

A smile out of nowhere, for no real reason, decorates your face, filling your body with a pleasant prickling sensation.

Allowing old wounds to heal within instants.

Peace accompanies you, as you breathe in and out.

Deep peace.

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