How to live wholeheartedly


… is no longer scary, when we see, that it simply means to be authentic, to own our strengths AND weaknesses, to share who we are without leaving out the messy parts.

… to allow ourselves to be fully seen, vulnerably, and still know that we are worthy of love, connection, understanding and healing.

… is needed, when we want to move beyond the perception of “the world is happening to me” towards response-ability, which sounds more like: “I create my own reality and can handle anything”.

It takes courage to question that, what we believe to be true; to challenge the stories, how we explain other people´s behaviors and especially painful life events. And even more courage to correct these stories.

But remembering that the essence of the word courage is the heart – as the word itselves derives from the latin word “cor” which means heart or seat of feelings. It might no longer be scary to show up courageously.

The key to a courageous life is vulnerability, the willingness to show up fully, the willingness to feel and most importantly, the willingness to be uncomfortable at times.

Courage is to admit not knowing and feeling our way forward through the fog of transition-times.

I see courage even in times of sadness, crying and truly letting go. Because to let go, one must have the strength and faith to see that something way better awaits. Instead of our old baggage of past stories or images of who we are and where we want to go, pains or fears and at times even of relationships – there is a story waiting for you, that wants to be lived, told and written: Of who you really are – the magnificence of what only you are capable of achieving through your presence and being.


You were born with this heart of yours, carrying the seed of courage and inner stregth with you. You already are couragous – you just need to remember.

Let that be your focus for today.


Inspiration and some quotes above taken from Brene Browns TEDx Talk on The Power of Vulnerability and Oprah Winfrey´s Soul Sunday Interview with Brene.

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