Magic formular of appreciation

I have been playing around with this a lot lately:
Training my mind – and with that my emotion – to appreciation instead of all that I dislike and could critize in me or my surroundings.

Because there ALWAYS is beauty around us!
No matter where we are. It could even be in the midst of a traffic jam.

And if we do train our minds again and again to appreciate and cherish, that will be our default. And no, I don´t believe one is born with that ability or not. I think it´s personal responsibility to strive for positivity.
– back to its healthy state of origin. Untrain past conditioning.

Especially in the mornings, I was wanting to wake up refreshed and happy to have another day ahead. And instead I would wake up many times a bit grumpy, wanting to sleep longer, feeling still tired or even overwhelmed by the day ahead.

And now, most days I do wake up happy, refreshed and immediately appreciative.

So which practices help with that?
For some time I wrote lists of things in my life, in my day, in myself and others that I like, that I would like to see more of – while feeling how pleasant it feels to praise and appreciate.

(2) I set the intention in the evening to have a deep, restful sleep and wake up refreshed – releasing myself from the thoughts or even worries of the past day. Knowing that every new day, I am a new person myself, able to react differently, able to attract very different reactions and circumstances reflecting back my inner change that I am triggering with these kind of processes.

I started taking time in the morning – even before leaving the house to drive to my yoga shala – sitting 5-10 mins in stillness. Focusing on my breath or any sound around. Acknowledging that if I am centered, the day ahead cannot reflect back to me anything else than my inner state of stillness and ease.

And I could go on and on and on… this topic has really been on my mind the last weeks and months. And I deeply feel the benefits of these small, little – but regular efforts I make.

One last important realization related to this topic I´d like to share: As everyone is experiencing some contrasting experiences throughout life it could almost seem like we need them to grow, learn and evolve as human beings. And in a way we do –
I personally intend to learn in my life now more and more
~ from times when everything goes right,
~ from harmony, love, honesty and truthful communication in my realtionships,
~ from inner alignment, knowingness and most of all
~ from ease and a sense of enjoyment in everything I do.

I no longer want to believe that I need to suffer or work hard for success or growth! However, I need to have a deep desire and be consistent, committed and serious about what I want, but joyful at the same time – passionate – appreciative of all the things I like about my projects, work, relationship.

Which are 3 things you appreciate deeply – right now – in this moment?

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