Make a wish come true

Why did we ever stop wishing and believing like when we were kids?
Why did we ever put up with living only half of our potential?

Why shouldn´t it be possible to change all of that AND more effortlessly…

To the contrary, I see on a daily basis all the evidence for “magical” shifts and transformations in myself and others.
What has helped me enormously to open that door to a wider awareness of what is possible, was the method of theta healing®.

In the state of theta our subconscious blocks reveal themselves through the help of a skilled practitioner and our own allowing. As the theta brainwave naturally relaxes us. And I think, everyone requesting a theta healing or coaching session of any kind is trusting and surrendering in reaching out for external guidance – and this first step of asking for help allows you then to relax even more and enter the theta brainwave.

In this state you can think and talk normally, meaning in a way you are used to experience. But you also can enter a state of detachment. Stepping back and observing what you are thinking, how it feels and what holds that feeling in place. In the very same way, the theta practicioner can tap into this deeper truth and help you reorganize and clear out any thought connections that hold you back – releasing blockages – helping soothe and heal old traumas.

ANYTHING can be addressed, given the prerequisite that you are asking for a change, wanting to transform and leave behind old excuses of why you are where you are.

Common topics range from looking at our very foundational believes and values of self-love, self-esteem, trust and safety to topics related to health & well-being, love & romance, money & abundance or the individual life purpose.

Especially, if you have a very deep desire – and therefore a very deep resistance and not-allowing of it, since you saw IT not becoming reality for a long time. This might cause your transformational process to take a couple of sessions, months or even years.
Revealing in divine timing the key believes that blocked you, that weren´t obvious and would have been overlooked if the primary intention was the one to change fast only, forgetting the depth and integrity of the process.

Good news in that is, that you are always getting what you are ready for and therefore always able to integrate, feel safe and in control of things.

Which some people underestimate when asking for transformation and change.
Because yes, you will change the way you think – the way you speek and act – the way you see yourself and others. Different situations and reactions from your environment will come to you and you have the opportunity to be different, more in alignment with how you truly want to show up in the world. But therefore, you need to let go the old, restricted ways of being. And if we are holding on to a static view of who we are and what we are capable of, this can be scary.

So at times a slower transformational process is a blessing and gifts you with more time to adjust step by step along the way. Like climbing the Mount Everest and giving your body time to get used to the different outer conditions of temperature, air and pressure.

And this is the piece I really want to emphasize:
You are your own healer!

Everyone is – self-responsable – meaning being able to respond ourselves to life events.

Part of this responsable life is at times asking for help from others, like taking a theta healing® session or seeking advise from a person you trust and are connected to.
This guided me personally to the place where I can most of the time guide and navigate myself through life, but it also helps boost my transformational processes as I appreciate and trust the process even more – having payed a certain amount of money and being really sure of how important this healing or lets use the word understanding and integration, is to me.

From the moment I have stepped into my own power, taking responsibility for how I feel – uncondictionally of what has ever happened to me or what is happening right now around me- the path to my wishes and desires were fun, adventurous and the best thing ever.

So I invite you to take that step, too.