The reflection of yoga

“True yoga is not about the shape of your body,
but the shape of your life.”

– A.Palkhivala

As I advance in the practice of yoga (and I am not talking about more difficult poses in my asana practice…) I come to realize how often I only saw a small puzzle piece of a bigger picture. And more and more I see how much time of my life I only payed attention to the outside, how it looks like to others, how it could be judged etc.

But today I know that it is not so much about the external shapes and forms but so much more about internal processes.

The importance of breathing & feeling, a sense of being, observing with awareness – all those things make a pose come to life, make the practice of poses true yoga.

B.K.S. Iyengar once phrased it very well: “The pose begins when you want to leave it”

Can I be comfortable in the discomfort?
Can I relax breath & body depite of the challenge and struggle?
Can I be calm, observe what is happening instead of reacting and escaping from this experience?

Same questions apply for life!

Can you be comfortable in the discomfort of a situation in your life? Can you detach the outside fact – that something is irritating you, something that you might not like – from your inner state of well-being and happiness?

In that moment of struggle, can you shift your awareness and attention towards your breath and invite a sense of calm and relaxation into your body? Can you choose happiness and peace no matter what? What changes?

Instead of judging, can you become still and observe? Can you resist the tempation to escape, to reject a certain experience and to be a victim of this or that happening to you?

Life moves on anyway, so why rushing forward? Chances are, you will only multiply future situations presenting the same experience in different circumstances.

Better ask yourself now which lesson needs to be learned here, which change in perspective needs to be made, maybe even which apology needs to be made.

Listen to the answer and let conscious actions follow. Taking one right decision and move at a time. Always looking out for the next right step to take.

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