What is exactly included in the Coaching Intensive?

Receive six sessions including

  • A Complimentary 20 minute pre consultation
  • Five 60 minute sessions and one two hour intuitive family constellation
  • A guided meditation on an audio file to relax and focus
  • Video or voice recording of your yoga or meditation class

If appropriate we will perform a closing ritual, maybe in nature inspired by Balinese traditions, to symbolically let go of the old.

Coaching Intensive – 579 Euro

Make yourself ready for your personal journey that comes with lightness, joy and ease!

By the way, you can always combine the concept of a Coaching Intensive with a Private Retreat option. You can request prices for your retreat, which will depend on length, location and additional offerings that I will share with you.


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Prices of other services

Classes and sessions can be arranged in those yoga studios in Darmstadt or Frankfurt, where I give classes or workshops. If you want me to come to your home, there can be additional costs due to travelling. Those will be communicated beforehand.

For every additional person joining a private yoga class, there is an additional charge of 5 Euro.

1x 3times pass*
Theta Healing (50 – 60 mins)   78 Euro 222 Euro
Yoga & Meditation (75 – 90 mins)   78 Euro 222 Euro
Family Constellation (90 min + 30 min Theta Healing preparation)
150 Euro


*The 3times pass is a one-time-only offer for first time clients only. A great way to have your first experience with the work I offer.

Individualized meditation based on theta healing vibrations (15 min audio file) 19 Euro

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Since I am regularly travelling for further trainings, I recommend to consider also sessions via skype. Theta Healing is a wonderful tool to be used over long distance. It works just as good. In case of a good sense of body awareness you can also consider to have your yoga or meditation class through skype.

Prices for your private retreat will be calculated and depend on travel destination, duration, shared content and number of participants.

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