Use the opportunity of a private retreat to become still, being able to perceive your voice within.
Just be with yourself and nature around you.

Immerse yourself with the practice of mindfulness and suddenly perceive all the beauty and uniqueness that is around you, as well as inside you.

I know the magic of retreats. Having led, assisted and participated in several retreats all over the world, I know how good it feels to retreat from everyday life, leaving behind all those tasks and the busy mindset. Especially, my personal times of absolute stillness, retreating from speaking and everything else during Vipassana Meditation Courses, have enriched my life. Recognizing in the middle of those retreats how fast and sometimes unaware I was going through life despite of all the yoga, felt eye-opening.

Times in life to reset and just be, are very important. I know that even shorter periods of retreating can help you detoxify your life from stress and it doesn´t even have to be in silence.

Breaks can help you to find you center, breathe deeply and charge with new energy.

No more hectic and stress in your life.

Tell me:

  • Where would be your favorite place to withdraw and retreat: European flair, Asian tropical climate, African wildlife, South American relaxed vibes, Oceania`s magnificent nature?

  • Focusing on yoga, meditation, silence, mindfulness, coaching work, exploring nature or a unique blend of it all – all up to you!

  • Taking your break by yourself, with your partner or best friend? You can share your private retreat with up to three people.

This intimate setting will allow you to dive deep in a short amount of time.

I love to realize new concepts and programs – making anything possible – creating a unique time for you to gain optimum benefits from your retreat.

If you already know a location where to host a retreat, I am very open to arrange my travelling schedule to meet you where you are. Make sure to have enough bedrooms, eating and living space, room for yoga or meditation. Ideally somewhere off the roads in nature.

In case you want me to find a suitable location in a country of your choice, we both have to welcome a little excitement and the unknown. Not knowing for sure what to expect. A great opportunity to practice equanimity, staying centered and neutral in order to see the hidden gifts in the presented situation. I have never regretted to have gone on an adventure.

Another option is to play it safe, choose to have a retreat in a country and place where I have been before. I can offer locations in Bali, Germany, Croatia, Northern Italy, South Africa, Uruguay or Brazil.

If you are interested get in touch and we will scheme your ideal retreat.

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Retreat at home

If you don’t feel like travelling or need a fresh start in familiar surroundings, a retreat at home is the perfect option for you. Decide if you feel like a weekend intensive or an entire week retreat at home.

Let´s create the serenity, freedom, joy and peace in your home space to help you rejuvenate not only during the retreat.

Look forward to establish new practices and create the space for that. Let yourself be inspired to try out new habits to live, eat and be – become more mindful and aware in your day to day life. Receive support in transformational times in your life, when you literally let go of old things and free yourself from the past.

You can have your retreat at home for a weekend or an entire week. Only requirement is some sort of comfortable refuge for me, like a private bedroom and bathroom.


Why travel with Hanna?

In the past my motto was oftentimes: Dream, decide and just do it!!

Just to name a few adventures: My first trip by myself was at the age of 14, when I went to South Africa.

I was truly fortunate that my amazing host family gave me a glimpse of the real South Africa. I learned so much about their history and culture. We also went to visit the Kruger National Park. A memory I will never forget.

Experiencing nature at first hand and a sense of aliveness and alertness in this environment.

Two years later I decided to lean Spanish. And I wanted to do that in Uruguay in Southern America.

Without any outside help or internet I learned the language, a dictionary and sign language as my best friends. I also learned to love the traditional Uruguayan Mate-tea. Sharing the tea with friends and family while enjoying the Latin relaxed vibes.

Some years after that during a sleepless night and freshly backed waffles me and my roommate had another idea…

I felt a pull towards India. I wanted to try backpacking in the southern part and also see the Taj Mahal close to Delhi.

Two months after that we already implemented our idea and were in the middle of a great adventure. India had no mercy for us but we also made ourselves guilty by not planning and choosing always a low budget option.

But what to say? This trip blessed me with the most amazing but also frightening experiences. Still feeling the fascination for the country and culture. I have to admit that most clichés around India proved themselves to be true and I have some amazing stories to tell.

This experience taught me to take care better of myself and cherish also trips focused on relaxation and well-being.

I feel the true beauty of travelling lies within a connection to the piece of land that you are visiting. Getting a glimpse of the true culture, the people and nature of a country.

Since I never really did the touristy things when I was travelling, I know many insider spots and cultural highlights. My other trips led me also to Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and Argentina.

Be curious and open to see the world through different eyes when taking a private retreat with me!

I am looking forward to explore the world together and share my favorite spots with you.

What previous clients have to say…

Bille Breidert

I enjoyed yoga classes with Hanna. She supports her students in a wonderful way: Her voice is lovely, her instructions precise and affectionate. I find her adjustments to be incomparably good. Also her singing touches the hearts which makes a yoga class a very special and beautiful experience. I also took a theta movement class – a thrilling experience.
The energies were noticeable and the process, combining yoga with theta healing was instructed very gently.
After that I had a private theta healing session with Hanna. I chose a topic and Hanna was able to intuitively sense what needed to be looked at. She asked profound questions, touching the core of my issue in a caring way. I instantly felt energetic shifts. I am convinced by the method of theta healing and in particular by Hanna´s way of working.
I am already looking forward to a next time.

Nadine S.

I felt very comfortable working with Hanna. I trusted her from the very beginning. And first results didn´t take long to become apparent. She immediately succeeded in weakening deep routed negative believes, so that I noticed the difference.

She has a real talent in addressing exactly those topics, that burden me deep inside. In doing so, she always finds the right words. Also on the physical level I experienced progress: After suffering from pain in my knees and a blockage in my pelvic area, for the first time in a long while I was able to access a cross-legged seat.
Everytime we worked together Hanna´s sessions gifted me with more lightness and happiness.

Jasmin O. Lee

When I feel pain – physically, mentally and emotionally – I express my pain to Hanna without knowing where to start. But she alway lead me to see clearly what I am facing at,
no matter how thick I covered my issues and no matter how messy my expression was. She sees the point then uses different tools to help me to go through the pain.
I remember that one time, when we talked about my family issues (and did a family constellation), she intuitively started to play my family members´ roles so that I can deeply feel where and why my sufferings come from, which helped me to let it go by understanding it. That was the most powerful experience that I’ve ever had.
Also, what I know about her is that, she never stay stagnant, she keeps herself learning various healing techniques by taking many workshops, joining to group studying and applying them to herself. I think that is why I feel her guide is not just from her head but from her own experience.
So, I highly recommend you to have Hanna on your journey to be free.

How can I book my retreat?

For more information we can arrange a skype call. After that I will prepare two options to choose from for your private retreat with a rough schedule, details and prices.

Let yourself be swept away to exploring the outside as well as the inside world.

I am looking so much forward of your inquiries, suggestions and ideas.

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