Do you want to invite change into your life and be most effective in doing so?
If so, my concept is made for you: Working on the physical, emotional and mental level, so you can realize your goals with lightness and ease.

I have learned on my own path, not to be afraid of dreaming, nor of realizing those dreams.I know every dream bears the possibility of becoming reality.

But only, if we decide to break out of our own cages of limiting believes, fears and distorted perspectives and opinions. Once this cage ceases to exist, new freedom awaits with all its possibilities, but also with its unfamiliar wide-open space.
The secret for a safe navigation through this transition phase is daily small steps. Practices and actions that will keep you on track until you know your new environment.

I want to create a very individual process, choosing practices and tools only for you – clearing your path from obstacles that keep you away from realizing your dreams. That way the length of our work together is highly individual: Ranging from one session only to 3, 6 or more, depending on your goals.

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In my work I use many different techniques and modalities. Those can be divided roughly into three categories:


Private classed in yoga, meditation oder mantra chanting. Allowing the mind to rest, fostering concentration and well-being.

Coaching Intensive

Including Coaching, Theta Healing, Intuitive Constellations, Yoga and Meditation in order to realize your full potential.

Private Retreats

Private Retreats at home or in any country you wish, with your topic of choice in order to rejuvenate and take newly gained clarity and relaxation with you into your every day life.