Jasmin O. Lee

When I feel pain – physically, mentally and emotionally – I express my pain to Hanna without knowing where to start. But she alway lead me to see clearly what I am facing at,
no matter how thick I covered my issues and no matter how messy my expression was. She sees the point then uses different tools to help me to go through the pain.
I remember that one time, when we talked about my family issues (and did a family constellation), she intuitively started to play my family members´ roles so that I can deeply feel where and why my sufferings come from, which helped me to let it go by understanding it. That was the most powerful experience that I’ve ever had.
Also, what I know about her is that, she never stay stagnant, she keeps herself learning various healing techniques by taking many workshops, joining to group studying and applying them to herself. I think that is why I feel her guide is not just from her head but from her own experience.
So, I highly recommend you to have Hanna on your journey to be free.