Welcome to new possibilities, insights and ways of seeing yourself & the world around you.
I am Hanna and my vision is a life in which we all are able to live our dreams.

A life in which we can all be authentic, using our innate talents and express our passions.

A life that makes us happy and grateful every single day. In which we are successful and satisfied with our actions. And most importantly a life, in which we are healthy – thinking, feeling and doing in harmony.

But what is holding us back from realizing our dreams?

I feel, most of the times it is fear. If we allow our thoughts and decisions in life to be programmed by those fears and limiting beliefs, we will stay trapped. But there is a way out. A way to overcome conscious and subconscious blocks. Let me show you that way.

“Spread your wings. It’s time to fly. Make the leap. Own the sky” Ms Moem

A great way of kick-starting the beginning of a new chapter of your life is my Coaching Intensive offer.

Together we will work on detecting what stands in your way of realizing your dream and equip you with everything you will need. My aim for you is to feel empowered and ready to go through life as happy, healthy and successful as you can be. Remember: Change only happens in the now! That is why my work often includes some form of mindfulness practice, yoga or meditation.

Infusing your everyday life and actions with more presence and connection with your authentic self.

As you let go of former automatic responses to triggers, you get to choose in which way you react or act. Allowing new ways of being to surface. I would love that you take actively part in this journey. In order to be most effective in our time together, I need you to be clear about your commitment beforehand. This way I can also give a hundred percent.

  • Do you want to realize your full potential and are you willing for that, to make big efforts to do your part of the work?

  • Can you imagine making lifestyle changes towards more mindfulness and awareness, supporting your physical, emotional & mental health?

  • Are you aiming for more peace in your life? Can you let go of past dramas and stop projecting those onto your future?

  • And finally, can you allow yourself to receive what you are wishing for – despite of any outside reactions or feelings of insecurity which might come with it?

If your answer to all of the question is a clear YES, then I am the right person for you. Let´s not waste any time.

‘A journey of a thousand miles, starts with a single step’ (Buddha)

Take that step – now! If you are considering the Coaching Intensive, get in touch and receive a free 20 minute consultation via Skype or Phone. I am very excited to get to know you.

Yes, I want to apply for a Coaching Intensive


Do you want to know more about Hanna and how this vision came into being?

I have been travelling all over the world for the last 10 years on and off – in a split between two worlds. I went through the western school, studied psychology at university Darmstadt and Heidelberg but was always interested in eastern approaches, too.

Fostering health and well-being through a connection and harmonization of body, mind and soul.

Yoga and meditation were one of the first tools bringing me closer to that. Allowing me to connect with myself on a deeper level. Helping me through the daily practice to experience a sense of ease and grounding on a daily basis.

I found Theta Healing to be a great complement to yoga. Working through deep routed belief systems with lightness and ease. Releasing everything that does not serve any longer. I myself have experienced massive growth through doing the practices and using the methods I offer. It allowed me to find unexpected talents and a life with so much more joy!

Nothing makes me happier than sharing this experience with you.

So much more than you might think is possible – experience it yourself.

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