Yoga is the practice of stilling the mind.
In order to find the stillness in your head, your body needs to become very calm, too. Preparation of the body to calm down is needed. Asana is the perfect tool for that.

Private Classes can be directed to work specifically on one part of your body, as well as working on a specific yoga pose.

We will set a firm foundation, deepening your sense of grounding and safety in your entire practice. I pay attention to alignment and modifications suitable to where you are at. Attaining more awareness in your entire body, building strength and flexibility in a balanced way. Also your mental and emotional state will be taken into consideration. Bringing you into a state of relaxation that you can take into your day to day life.


You want to know what a private yoga class looks like?

Every class starts with a conscious decision to leave behind the noise of everyday life, setting your intention for the class and getting in touch with your breath. After that you will start to warm up your body with sun salutes and gentle stretches. I will then guide you into sequences and key poses opening up the path to your overall goal.  Feeling into parts of your body which you might have avoided practicing by yourself. For a closure relaxation techniques, mantras and sound will help you to integrate and leave the session with a smile upon your face.

You can choose from a 60 or 90 minute class. If you wish to integrate more meditation and mindfulness techniques or learn about mantras and chanting – the recitation or devotional singing of Sanskrit words and phrases for deeper concentration and intention setting – it is advised to take a longer class


Choose your style of yoga…

Feel free to get in touch with me and we will find out together which type of practice you will benefit most from, complementing your lifestyle and balancing your emotional, mental and physical state of being.

Traditional Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is one of the more dynamic yoga styles, which lets you flow in an out of poses without holding them longer than 5-15 breaths. It uses set sequences of poses, paired with a specific type of breath and visual focus points for the eyes.This practice works equally on strengthening and mobilizing the body. During practice you will heat up the body and detoxify through the sweat.

It can be learned at any age, without any preconditions. Since this practice is designed to accompany you through your life, there is no rush. You will learn the sequence pose by pose. Having enough time to memorize the practice and get your individual modifications and if needed yoga therapy elements to prepare your body for the following steps.

Practicing several times per week will show instant improvements and you can get very familiar with your sequence. This way you can practice anywhere, anytime also without a teacher.

Yin Yoga

A great complement to the dynamic and active practice of ashtanga is yin yoga. Calm, relaxation and total surrender of the body in the poses is focus of any yin class.

Asanas are passively held between 2-7 minutes, supported with blankets, cushions and bolsters. Staying in those yoga poses can trigger and balance the meridians, which are energy lines in our bodies. Those are related to our health and well-being according to Chinese medicine. The yin practice will challenge you in new ways and at the same time bless you with a feeling of comfort and safety. Truly relaxing for body and mind and very supportive in times of emotional turmoil and stress.

Theta movement

I created this fusion of mindful movement and theta healing elements in order to allow deeper experiences of physical and emotional changes through theta healing.

Drop into your heart space, feeling and perceiving every yoga pose somehow deeper, more complete. Allowing the poses to affect your being, connecting, uniting body, mind and soul.

Every class starts with deep relaxation and theta healing which will be fitted to the topic of the class (for example happiness, gratitude, strength, letting go of fears or freedom). Followed by gentle stretches, deep breathing and selected poses or sequences of poses we will work towards an integration and embodiment. Feeling the changes of the theta healing already in your physical being, allowing it to be reality.

Hatha Flow

Learn how to combine the breath with mindful movement. In this slow flow you will have enough time to fully arrive and feel into every pose, finding your ideal alignment. Some of the poses will be held longer. Transitions are slow and easy.

The sequence can be designed individually. Ideally used for a slower start into the practice.

If interested I can share a joint-friendly sequence taken from the Satyananda tradition. Which I learned during a stay in one of their ashrams and retreat centers in New Zealand.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra, the yogic sleep, is a technique for deep relaxation.

Lying on your back with your eyes closed you will be guided to feel every part of your body from within. Shifting your awareness across the body for over 20 to 50 minutes allows the body to deeply rest and rejuvenate.

Giving your thoughts a break. In this practice you will be able to release stress, anxiety and letting go of fears or worries. Whenever you feel burnt out or overwhelmed by daily tasks, this practice of deep relaxation will help you restore your resources and gain new energies. Your body and mind will thank you.

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Lisa Schneidersmann

Hanna may be a young teacher but she is so full of energy, joy and knowledge about yoga which makes her courses truly inspiring. She knows how to challenge her students while letting them explore yoga on their own – that’s what I call a support. Everyone is picked up on his/her level.

Amy Hellikson Ladoski

I had the pleasure of meeting Hanna in Bali. She set me up with a series of yoga poses I do in the morning that not only helped my lower back but improved my breathing practice as well. She’s a gentle, informative and overall lovely teacher!

Bille Breidert

I enjoyed yoga classes with Hanna. She supports her students in a wonderful way: Her voice is lovely, her instructions precise and affectionate. I find her adjustments to be incomparably good. Also her singing touches the hearts which makes a yoga class a very special and beautiful experience. I also took a theta movement class – a thrilling experience.
The energies were noticeable and the process, combining yoga with theta healing was instructed very gently.
After that I had a private theta healing session with Hanna. I chose a topic and Hanna was able to intuitively sense what needed to be looked at. She asked profound questions, touching the core of my issue in a caring way. I instantly felt energetic shifts. I am convinced by the method of theta healing and in particular by Hanna´s way of working.
I am already looking forward to a next time.

Nadine S.

I felt very comfortable working with Hanna. I trusted her from the very beginning. And first results didn´t take long to become apparent. She immediately succeeded in weakening deep routed negative believes, so that I noticed the difference.

She has a real talent in addressing exactly those topics, that burden me deep inside. In doing so, she always finds the right words. Also on the physical level I experienced progress: After suffering from pain in my knees and a blockage in my pelvic area, for the first time in a long while I was able to access a cross-legged seat.
Everytime we worked together Hanna´s sessions gifted me with more lightness and happiness.